Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Feelin' Lucky Multiplication

Hi friends! This southern girl is SO ready for some GREEN to enter my life!  Don't get me wrong.The white stuff is a great treat, but once March hits.....I am ready for some GREEN!

March ALSO means that the "Event Who Must NOT be Named" is right around the corner! Ugh!!

So, to help you get some GREEN and a little test prep in, I've got these great task cards with A-DOR-ABLE Irish frogs on them!

One of the skills that we hit pretty hard in 3rd is multiplication.  Time after time, my kids proficiency is pretty bi-polar.  There's those that HAVE it...and those that DON'T.  Problem is, how do I keep EVERYONE busy but working at their capacity?  Enter....this set of 3-tiered task cards.

The first set hits the 3rd grade standard of multiplying by multiples of 10 and 100.  Basically, if you can multiply 8 groups of 5, you can apply that to multiply 8 groups of 50 or 500!! Some of my kids are still spending a lot of time using strategies to get the 8 x 5, so this set is perfect for them.
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My second set of task cards is multiplying 2-digit numbers by 1 digit numbers.  Yes, this is a 4th grade standard!  However, by now, my kids have mastered finding the area of a space.  This is when I introduce the Area Model as a way to multiply.  We've built on what we know in that an array is also tiling a space.  Once we learn that we can use the distributive property to find an area, I extend that concept to 2-digit numbers to find the area.  Kids who have their facts down....LOVE this model.  I really talk up the fact that they are doing 4th grade math!  They look at filling in the spaces and figuring out these larger products as a game...a challenge!  And isn't that what we WANT our kids to FEEL when they do math!
Isn't she doing an amazing job!!  We aren't quite ready to do this in my class until next week and Benchmark testing is over, but I knew I could let this sweetie sit at my table to go to it...and snap a few shots!  I teach my kids that once they've gotten the two areas, what do we do?.... then we all clap and say BAM!...  we add it up!

 I've created my answer document in a way that has the boxes ready-to-go!  I also have plain ones for kids who have learned the standard algorithm.  And every year, I have kids who reach a point of tiring with the rectangles and filling in the boxes and ask if there is ANOTHER 4th grade way.  Enter...standard algorithm.  I will pull those kidlets into a small group to teach it side-by-side with the Area Model.  Man, it just clicks!  Love days like that!
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The third set of task cards is multiplying 3-digit numbers by 1 digit.  There will be a few that really want that challenge!  I like having these on stand-by for the kids who want more!  I will usually keep these in a photo album that they can take to their seats.  They just flip through the album, do a few problems when they have time, and return it.  SO much better than a worksheet!
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You may be asking yourself.....that is a WHOLE lotta task cards?  Did she REALLY print all of those up?  Well....I've got a helpful hint for ya!  Since I knew that I wanted to use these quite a bit and kids would be moving into them over time, I really DID want all of them printed!  They come 4 to a page like this.

BUT...with this set......I printed my cards to reduce the size, reduce my ink, and still have an amazing activity for my kids to learn and stretch!  You can use this tip with nearly any document!!
See how I clicked on Multiple to print more pages onto one?  I chose 4 pages to print, but you could pick 2 if you want!  These cards didn't NEED to be big, so this works for me!  Okay...go ahead....you're gonna scroll back up and see how small I got them and STILL be useful!  lOL!

Hope you'll give this series a try in your classroom!  I've marked all three of these as a Dollar $TEAL for ya!  In case no one has said it lately...we're in the home stretch!  I've got 55 days left with my kidlets and we're gonna make the most of each one!!

See you next month!

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