Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Valentine Math Centers from Aloha to Second

Have you been feeling all the love?  I have seen so many great sales and giveaways of TpT products. Valentine's Day is one of my favorites.  I know many people think it is silly, but I love seeing all the pinks and reds, as well as seeing how everyone shows their love for one another.  I really enjoy it in my classroom because I can hear all the sweet things my kiddos say to each other.  :]

Since Valentine's Day is coming up, I have a special treat for you!  I have placed my Valentine Math Centers on sale for just $1!  WOW!  There are 5 math centers in one.  This could be used on Friday during your Valentine party.  They are fun and the kids are still learning.  

Here are the five different math centers available:

Students use the rabbit game pieces and a dice to hop across the game board.  When they land on a square, the students have to draw the array on their worksheet.  


This includes two different addition centers.  One center students spin the spinner.  They add the number on the bird in the top corner and the number they landed on.  The other game requires students to draw a card.  When they pick up a card, they add the two numbers together (one number on each bird). 


Students will love this subtraction game!  They pull two cards and subtract the smaller number from the larger number.  There is a recording sheet so the teacher can check their answers. 


This center has two different games.  Students can play the matching game where they match analog and digital clocks.  They can also play the game where one students gives another student a time, that student draws the time on the clock and then their partner checks it!


This game requires students to make equal groups.  They draw two cards - one represents the number of groups and the other represents the number of items in each group.  Then, they find the total. 

All of the centers include worksheets so the teacher can check for understanding! 

You can buy all of the centers by clicking on the picture below for just $1! 

Enjoy! :]

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