Thursday, February 19, 2015

Taking on Second's All About Me Writing

Hi Guys! It's Aimee from Taking on Second again! I want to tell you all about my All About Me writing unit! This is how I introduce three paragraph writing to my kiddos! I haven't gotten to do it with my current group yet, so I do not have many good pictures to show off. The ones I took, let me warn you, were for me to remember what I did, so they are a little junky..
I start by brainstorming things that all babies do together with my class. I have them go home and ask their parents stories from when they were a baby so they can make their writing more specific to them. Then we write our first paragraph together. 
There are brainstorming pages for each the past, present, and future! There is also a rough draft writing page that outlines their writing for each paragraph. Students have to have a topic sentence, three details, and a closing sentence. 
For each paragraph, I do an example on the board that has details specific to me. This really keeps them engaged in the lessons because they like learning about their teacher. Then of course, what second grader doesn't like talking about themselves!? They are always eager to write their own paragraphs and share with their friends. Here is an example of writing and what I was warning you about... So sorry! 
Sorry these pictures are so junky!
I also have students bring in a baby picture of themselves(letter to the family included) so we can make a poster for our bulletin board in the hall! I use their current school picture for the present, and they have to draw their future. 

I had my kiddos type their writing, but this pack does include writing paper with and without elementary lines for your students to publish their writing.  This pack is only $1.00 for the next three days! Hurry over to Taking on Second's TPT store and check it out! 

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