Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Need a giant jam sandwich?? I mean...sub plans??

So...I can't even tell you how excited I am to have created this entire day of sub plans for YOU!!

Does anyone remember this funny story about the town of Itching Down who has a plague of wasps...millions and millions of  wasps!!  They have no idea how to get rid of these pests until Bap the Baker decides to come up with a giant sandwich...I mean...plan!!

I found a link for you on youtube so you could hear the story!!  So sweet!! 

I have already used my last set of plans The Little Red Hen and they worked great!!  BUT I have to have another set available for emergency reasons and I am going to print this set out to use!!  Want to take a look with me?  

(I love seeing the inside of units especially before I buy them...don't you?) 

There are all kinds of things to do during the day:  
1. Graphic Organizers
2. Comprehension Questions
3.  Rhyming Words for Early Finishers
4.  Scoot Game for Digraphs
5.  Writing about How to Trap a Pest!
6.  My Giant Problems:  A journal for story problems from the story. 
7.  I have...Who has?  for Number Fluency.
8.  Non-Fiction Passages for finding the Main Idea and Details


I am going to leave you with a special treat from me to you...a poem.  Oh yeah.
It is a jammin' poem!!  For is about JAM!!  

SO funny, right?  You can find these sub plans for the next three days for just a dollar!  And to Little Red Hen plans will be 50% off for the next three days, too!!  WOO-HOO!!!  

Hoping your week is JAMMIN!!!!  :)  

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