Saturday, February 7, 2015

Multiplication Loops!!

Hello again friends!! Kelly, from Love to Teach A-Latte here, and I have this cool new routine happening in my class I want to share with you! 
Who needs their students to get those multiplication facts mastered!? Oooo me!!! 
I needed to make the fact practice engaging & simple to implement... enter Multiplication Loops! These are super motivating, quick,and they get the practice done!

I put one of these on their desks in the morning and they complete it after bell work. Then they can either make the loops into a bracelet OR add it to our class math fact chain!
 It's quick, it's easy, AND they like it. That's what I call win-win! 
This will be a Dollar Deal for the next 3 days! Go check it out!
Here's your Freebie Steal from me! I hope you find it useful!
Thanks for stopping by! See ya next month!

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