Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Classroom Hunting!

Who doesn't LOVE a good scavenger hunt?  In my classroom, anytime my kids see cards laying around the room, they are instantly engaged!  I recently updated a few of my older products and have been using them with a couple of tutoring groups after school.

Not only do my students love a good classroom hunt, but so do I.  They require very minimal preparation and are self checking for students.  It allows me to set my higher students free and assist my lower students as needed.  

I always begin by hiding the cards around the room.  I never tell them where the "Start" card is hidden.  They take their clip boards and recording sheets and make their way around the room.  After they find the "Start" card, they solve the problem given.  Once they have a confident answer to their problem, they make their way around the room and search for the answer.  This can be entertaining.  ;)

In the upper right hand corner of the card is the answer to the prior problem.  On this particular card, the quotient to the previous problem was 27.  When the student finds 27, they will quickly and quietly write down and solve the problem.  When they solve the problem shown above, they will discover that the quotient to this problem is 67.  Therefore, they will take off in search of the answer 67.  When they have successfully solved all of the problems, one answer will lead them to The END!

And as I'm sure you've guessed.....my Classroom Hunting packs are only $1.00 for the next three days!!!  Grab these newly updated and instantly engaging items by clicking on the scavenger hunt(s) of your choice. 

{This pack includes three-digit by three-digit addition problems both with and without regrouping.} 

 {This pack includes two sets of scavenger hunts with three-digit by three-digit numbers.  
The first scavenger hunt includes subtrahends that do not require regrouping.  The second set includes subtrahends that do require regrouping.}

{This pack includes two sets of scavenger hunts.  The first scavenger hunt includes problems with three-digit by one-digit factors.  The second set includes problems with three-digit by two-digit factors.}

{This pack includes two sets of scavenger hunts.  The first set includes problems with whole number quotients.  The second set includes quotients with remainders.}

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