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Do you DIBEL? 2 $1.00 Steals for You!

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It's Dianna from Sassy, Savvy, Simple Teaching! I'm so excited to be back this month with you again here on our collaborative blog. Remember, I'll be here the 23rd of each month.
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So I'm here this month to talk to you all a little about Dibels. Dibels is an assessment known as a "screener". This type of assessment is very informative with the right set of data eyes.  Dibels stands for: Dynamic Indicators of Early Learning Skills. Dibels assessments are a set of procedures and measures for assessing the acquisition of early learning skills from Kindergarten through 6th Grade. They are designed to be short [1 min.] fluency measures used to regularly monitor the development of early literacy and early reading skills. [University of Oregon]

I have been using Dibels assessments [all versions] since paper/pencil and the Palm Pilot in 2004-2005 school year. I was like most at first, confused, hated it, but when you understand the data of an assessment then you begin to like it. If you never look at the data in this assessment other than the color, you will never understand it. 

So I have 2 brand new products today that are geared towards the Dibels assessment, but even if you don't Dibel they will work for anyone!

My first product was posted only a few weeks ago...

Make it REAL!
Dibels ~ NWF [Nonsense Word Fluency]
"Teaching in Context"

This product was designed to help students  in grades K-3 learn "about" nonsense words within real words and text. It is a best practice to teach nonsense words through a word study or phonics instruction within words and text. Nonsense Word Fluency [NWF] is a screener assessment for early literacy skills for teachers to assess students ability to correctly blend sounds. This assessments helps the teachers to see which students are "word callers" and which students can blend sounds. This assessment shows that students who can do this easily will become fluent readers. 

In this product you will receive 7 different activities that come with a teacher page as well:
  1. Real or Nonsense Sort
  2. Nonsense Practice Cards
  3. Nonsense to Real Cards
  4. Nonsense to Real Task Cards
  5. Roll and Read Word Families
  6. 2 Nonsense to 1 Real Word Cards
  7. Reading Nonsense Words in Text ~ Fluency Passages

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Regular Price: $5.00
3 Days Only: $1.00
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My second product was posted just last night... Brand new!

Primary CloZe Reads
10 Short Lexiled Informational Passages 
with Comprehension and Vocabulary

This is a CloZe, with a Z, reading product. Not close... Do you know the difference?

Cloze Reading is a reading closure practice required when readers fill in the blanks left in text. Readers use their knowledge and prior experiences they have. Cloze Reading helps to model problem solving reading strategies. When text is omitted, readers need to use reading strategies and cues in the text to complete sentences. When using this as an instructional strategy, teachers help students focus on: phonics, visual cues, sight words, vocabulary, predicting and cross checks. This type of activity helps student's use of language structure cues, meaning cues, and background knowledge to predict unknown words. 

This product was designed to help students practice a variety of reading skills through the closure practice. I've included comprehension and vocabulary along with this product as well. 

This product includes:
  • Teaching Points
  • Common Core Anchor Standards
  • Lexile Informational Chart
  • 10 Short Lexiled Informational Passages with Comprehension and Vocabulary:
    • Passages Included are:
    1. Polar Bear: 620L
    2. Penguin: 460L
    3. Owl: 560L
    4. Deer: 600L
    5. Elk: 590L
    6. Moose: 660L
    7. Brown Beer: 540L
    8. Samoyed: 680L
    9. Sheep: 560L
    10. Sea Lion: 530L
  • Graphic Organizers
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Regular Price: $3.50
3 Days Only: $1.00
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Remember these 2 $1.00 steals only last 3 days:
  • Day 1: Tuesday, December 23rd
  • Day 2: Wednesday, December 24th
  • Day 3: Thursday, December 25th
So HURRY!!! 

I hope everyone enjoys thier holiday break with family and friends. Make sure to relax just a little! I will see you all back here again in the New Year on January 23rd!!!

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year to everyone!
Love, Dianna
Sassy, Savvy, Simple Teaching

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