Saturday, November 15, 2014

Student Maintained Reading Logs

Hi Everyone!  I'm Sebrina from Burke's Special Kids back for November's Teacher Deals and Dollar Steals!  Hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather and staying warm as toast!

I made this set of forms last year for two important reasons.  The main reason was I needed the kids to have accountability, set reading goals, and maintain a running record of their independent reading, as well as  produce some type of quick reading response.  Two, our district uses the Danielson Model and it is "highly" encouraged to have student's tracking their own learning and data.

I found this to be such a quick and easy way to monitor what my students were reading at home or in the classroom when I wasn't there (I was a reading interventionist in several different rooms).  I simply had the students complete the responses and record data the first five or ten minutes of our reading time. My kids were held accountable and I had information for student and parent conferences.  Several times I modified the forms to best suit my needs, and included all versions in the packet.

You can grab it here for simply a dollar for the next three days!

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Until next month,

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  1. I love how the student graph their own "data!' Thanks for sharing! I am going to have to read up on the Danielson model!
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