Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Hello friends who are NOT feathered!

I salute you on this fine Veteran's Day, and honor all those who have served our nation courageously and loyally.  I am happy to hop over from my one-year blogiversary celebration at 

to share my newest ideas, deals, and dollar steals!  I'e been sort of running around like a turkey with my head cut off for the past few weeks getting my one-year celebration up and running, and would love for you to
join in the fun on this last day of the festivities!

While you are here though, let's focus on how November is a fine time to talk and learn about birds of the non-flying kind, and my newest resource is designed with them in mind!  

Synonym and antonym word cards designed to be used multiple ways are featured in this vocabulary skill pack with a gobbling good "turkey talk" theme!  

As a self-professed "word nerd," expanding student vocabulary and building their descriptive language skills is what I LOVE to do, and this resource is designed to help you do just that!

I've organized my post today in the way that I format my lesson plans to give you an idea of the order in which the materials can be used.  The investigate, engage, explore, assess, and extend pieces are important in accessing young learner's prior knowledge about the topic, sparking their interest, determining their understanding, and then giving them the opportunity to apply and use what they've learned.  I hope you will find it helpful!

Complete descriptions and previews of these products can be found via these links to my store!  The two directly above are perfect ways to encourage your students to use their new knowledge of synonyms and antonyms to spice up their thematic writing! 

Thank you in advance for leaving thoughtful feedback on your downloads!  It is truly appreciated and helps me improve the materials I create for my classroom and yours!

Look for my newest product sampler this coming weekend in this monthly event sponsored by The Primary Gal!  It promises to be a "gobbling good time!"

As always, know that I appreciate your continued support and patronage, as do all the teacher-bloggers here at 
Teacher Deals and Dollar Steals!

Be sure to also check out this Veteran's Day Sale Linky
that many of my blogger buddies are participating in!
It is being hosted by 
Sassy, Savvy, Simple Teaching!

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and get more details!

Enjoy this month of giving thanks and being grateful, and continue to teach your children well!

Warm Regards,


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