Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

I have been very good this year.  I would love to have a puppy and a new bike. I hope you have been staying warm this season cause we have had some cold nights!  Please tell Mrs. Claus and Rudolph that I said hello!   I have left some cookies for you.  You like chocolate chip cookies, right? 

DON'T you love it when kits write to Santa?  It's so stinking cute and every letter makes me smile. AND for teachers????  It's a great time to learn to write letters!!  See how sneaky I am?? We will begin as soon as we get back from Thanksgiving holidays so I am super excited to get started!  

Here is the unit that I will be using!  It's called "Dear Santa..."  

You will find everything that you need in this little unit to write to Santa!
Posters, practice pages, writing organizers, and scaffolding writing papers!  If you are like me, you have some students who think writing is NOT fun and by that I mean torturous!! But again...we are writing to Santa!!  So that makes it FUN and by that I mean. "They like writing!"    

Here is a peak at what is inside...

There are pages that you can use to introduce letter writing or anchor charts. We are fortunate enough to have a poster maker at my school.  (However, I love to use them on my Smartboard to introduce lessons, or practice with students.)  You can practice the parts of a letter, proof-read children's letters, or check for understanding. 

Students can use graphic organizers to help them brainstorm, and plan their letters to Santa.  

And there is writing paper for different levels of students, whether the level or age!!  Or you can scaffold their letters from the first draft while they are still learning how to write a letter, to their last draft. Santa's copy! :)


And of course, there is even a chart to help students learn how to address an envelope and a template to make one.  

Don't forget about the vocabulary words!! Those are available to you, too!  

This is definitely Santa's Little Helper!!  And it's only ONE DOLLAR!!!!  Check it out!!! It will be available for a dollar until November 28th!!!   Now that is something to be write about!  

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  1. I love your collaborative blog and you all are doing such a GREAT job! I check every single day to see what you are up to next! Deb at Fabulously First