Friday, November 7, 2014

Behavior Bucks & Reward Coupons

Hello friends! I'm Kelly from, Love to Teach A-Latte, back again to share on the 7th of each month!
I'm sharing my behavior bucks & reward coupons with you this month. This is my first year trying these, but they've been a huge success AND mostly free to me!
The children can earn up to $5.00 a day if they follow all the classroom rules.  They save the behavior bucks to buy reward  coupons or save for the special event each quarter. The kids are very motivated to earn their behavior bucks each day. Plus they're constantly counting and trading for higher bills, which is a great way to keep those money skills in tip top shape!

The reward coupons are things like Homework Pass, Sit in the Teacher's Chair, and Seat Swap. These rewards are mostly free to me and the kids love them! Scoop up this FREEBIE homework pass to use in your classroom!

At the end of first quarter we had a donut morning. The kids used their behavior bucks to purchase a donut and a cup of juice. It was a great lesson in saving for things you want, and spending your money wisely. Many students drank from their water bottles instead of spending their money on the cup of juice! I've got some savers in my class this year!
If you're interested Reward Coupons & Behavior Bucks will be the $1.00 deals until November 9th at midnight. Go get them!

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