Monday, October 20, 2014

Exit Tickets!

Hey there!  It's Amanda from The Primary Gal!  Have you used Exit Tickets in your classroom yet?  Last year, I happened to stumble upon a blog that had something very similar to my Exit Tickets but didn't quite fit my needs.  As I began planning for a "Guided Math" approach to my math instruction, I began creating these to allow me to meet the needs of all of my students.

How does it work, you ask?  As we begin math class each day, I pass out an Exit Ticket with two to four problems that review the skill from their homework from the previous day.  Be sure to check out my post about my {Flipped Classroom} for more details!  The students will complete their Exit Ticket without any help or assistance from me.

As I collect them, I sort them into groups.  The skill typically determines how I sort them.  For example, on the day that I snapped this picture, I sorted tickets by:
 *Students who were able to correctly answer all three questions
 *Students who missed questions due to math fact issues
 *Students who didn't add in a number they carried
 *Students who were completely clueless to the process.

On other skills, I might just sort them by who got them all correct, who missed one, who missed two, ect.  After sorting these, I have activities or task cards for each level.  In many cases, I use the same task cards but have some work with peers, while others work with me.

Now, I'll apologize to all of you "task card addicts".  I am about to enable you!  :)  All of my Exit Tickets have various sets of task cards that are designed to be perfect compliments for students who need additional practice at each of the skills included.  Be sure to check them out below!

All Exit Tickets are now $1.00!!!                              All Bundles are discounted by 50%!!!
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