Saturday, August 16, 2014

Animals A-to-Z Writing Prompts from Smart Kids

Hello! I'm Jayne from Smart Kids. I post creative, time-saving ideas for smart kids and their smart teachers. This month, your $1 will get you a product that you'll use all year long! I think you'll go wild over Animals A-to-Z Writing Prompts.

As you can see it comes in two versions: a no-prep version and a "lift-the-flaps" version.
Find this on TPT.
Find this on TPT.
Both sets have 26 writing prompts that give your little ones the chance to imagine and write their way through the alphabet. Each page features an animal and a rhyming question. Each prompt has a dotted and blank-line version. Students draw and then write or dictate their answers. There is also a cover so you can combine the pages into books. Here's a peek at some of the pages.

No-Prep Version
Lift-the-Flaps Version

I find I'm able to use these with kids at all stages of writing. Take a look at the different levels of my writers:

Writer who hears initial sounds...
My song is about my teachers.

Writer who hears initial and ending sounds...
My song is about giraffes.

Writer who hears the vowels and is starting to use some sight words and conventional spelling.
My song is about the jungle. (What is in the jungle?) He likes the trees and the sky.
I love the challenge of coaching kids with their writing through the year! I hope your kids have fun with these! Head over to TPT to get a set for $1 today, tomorrow or Monday. Be sure to follow my store while you are there so you don't miss out on more smart products on the way!

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